Spray Works
A new horizon of exciting effects in the designs of homes, offices and restaurants through the use of varieties of colors in glass applications.
1) How long will the FESTIVE COLOR GLASS take to purchase?

- The standard backpainting on plain annealed glass needs 5 working days. Processing time may vary depends on the quantity and size of glass.

2) Can you do customized color?

- Yes we can mix and copy color of your choice, with a mixing fee. If sample color provided is not in glass, the final glass color will not be exactly the same because of the refractive and reflective value of glass.

3) Is backpainted glass easily scratched and damaged?

- Anything can be intentionally damaged if you used sharp objects. FESTIVE COLOR GLASS coating is hard enough to minimize scratches under normal handling including transportation and installation.

4) What are the thickness and the maximum size of glass?

- Backpainting can be applied to any thickness of glass. For reglar plain colors there is no limit in sizes. For some special effects, please inquire in our office.

5) What are the types of adhesive to use?

- We suggest using non-acetic or neutral silicone sealant. For large panels it is recommended to use mirror tape or double sided tape together with sealant.

6) For Artglass Series can I provide my own design?

- Yes we do accept customized design. Kindly coordinate with our sales on specials designs.

7) Do you accept "LABOR ONLY" for coloring?

- Yes we do accept "labor only" if you will provide your glass, but Sprayworks will not be held liable for any damages, scratches or breakage that might occur during processing of backpainted glass.

8) What is the period warranty

- 5 years color fading warranty under normal wear and tear condition.

9) How to clean the colored glass?

- Backpainted glass, like in shower enclosure can be easily washed using soft sponge and ordinary detergent only.

* Kindly be noted glass if not obtained from same batch of production may cause different shades after coloring.