Spray Works
A new horizon of exciting effects in the designs of homes, offices and restaurants through the use of varieties of colors in glass applications.

Established: September 15, 2006

SPRAYWORKS COATING CORPORATION is a dynamic company whose vision is to infuse color into homes, offices, buildings and other architectural structures through the use of "FESTIVE COLOR GLASS". Backpainted Glass is an innovation in the glass world, wherein technology of high performance coating is applied by spray to the back surface of glass producing a variety of colors that could be opaque, translucent or decorative - creating a rich, aesthetic effect.

Aside from solid colors, metallic and pearl series, Sprayworks has introduced different series of decorative art glasses, such as "Waterdrops", "Woodskin", "Glittering", "Taffeta" and "3-D". These unique products are favorably used by architects, interior designers and homeowners. The latest additions to our popular products are "Silhouette" and "Translucido" Series.

FESTIVE COLOR GLASS are most often used as exterior wall claddings, interior walls, white boards, bathroom and kitchen backsplash, cabinet doors, table tops, shower enclosure, countertops, wardrobe panels, signages and wall partitions. Its applications are practically limitless.

Sprayworks Coating Corporation commits to provide customer satisfaction through innovative products, quality service, speedy delivery at affordable prices. As part of our community service, we have partnered with various interior design schools in sponsoring projects wherein student designers use our products to bring elegance and accent to their designs. When a home magazine offered to provide free renovation to the lucky winners from among the "ondoy" victims, we promptly decided to help out in our small way. We hope, through the use of Festive Color Glass, we not only bring color & elegance into homes, along with it we also bring hope & joy.